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Supporting system transformation on working lands

The goal of the Integrated Midwest Partnerships for Actionable Climate Tools & Training (IMPACT2) project is to help agricultural producers and landowners in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa adapt to a changing climate through system transformation, including adoption of Climate-Smart practices and diversification of agriculture.
Over a three-year period, this Extension initiative will work towards the goal of empowering agricultural stakeholders to adapt to climate change and enhance regional resilience through visioning sessions, a resource portal, and Extension training.



IMPACT2 will address our goal through the following three measurable objectives:

Objective 1: Convene scenario-based visioning sessions to develop strategies for defining climate-optimal systems and understanding information needs.
Objective 2: Develop a Climate-Smart Agriculture resource portal that integrates informational resources, curriculum guidance, and exploration tools.
Objective 3: Build out and implement Extension training materials for Climate-Smart Agriculture.

Diverse & Inclusive

IMPACT2 covers small and large farms. It targets beginning/early-career and established farmers, rented and owner-operated farmland, and diverse farming systems. The project actively involves advisers and Extension educators recognizing their role in shaping farmers' choices.


image showing three objectives of the project leading to a goal

project partners

This research is supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant 2023-67023-39246 from the USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture.